EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Original Bark is one of the longest standing dog care businesses in Oregon for a reason: We absolutely love dogs, and it shows. Our daycare facilities are safe, secure, climate-controlled, and fully sanitized spaces which offer open running space, play structures and slip-resistant floors. We take the time to ensure that every dog who joins our pack is non-aggressive, healthy, up to date on vaccines and fun-loving so you can feel confident that your dog will come home healthy, safe and tired. But most importantly, we are staffed by some of the most experienced, caring and responsible dog-lovers around. We take the time to get to know each of our four-legged customers individually, so we can cater to their wants and needs. Your dog will never be unsupervised while in our daycare. We want your dog's experience to be a positive one, every time. Check in on our daycare activities on our webcams, available during business hours. 

HAVE A SMALL OR FRAGILE DOG? Don't want your Chihuahua rubbing elbows with a Great Dane? While we are highly vigilant of our littlest daycare members and we make sure they are safe at both our locations (and we encourage socialization between all dogs), our Burlingame location separates the packs by size and energy level for your ease of mind. Our small dog area is the perfect place for toy breeds, young puppies and older dogs who want to lie around and get scratched by our staff. The small dog area is typically open Monday through Friday, during our busy daycare hours (9/10a-4p), however on slow days with very few small dogs we reserve the right to keep it closed. 

RULES: All daycare dogs must pass a temperament evaluation, a process in which we are looking for aggressive tendencies and/or fearful behavior. If your dog is a fighter, a biter, or gets a little too rough during play, we're sorry, but we won't put our other dogs at risk. If your dog is excessively anxious or fearful around strange people or other dogs, this may not be the place for them. We are always excited to help socialize a dog who is still unsure of other dogs or people due to lack of exposure, but bringing a dog into daycare who is genuinely terrified can do more harm than good. During the assessment we will also ask for proof of vaccines from your vet, or alternatively you can upload them into our your customer profile during registration. Required vaccines: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bordetella. Young puppies must complete their third round of puppy shots before attending daycare, but are not required to have their Rabies vaccine until 6 months. Additionally, all dogs must be spayed or neutered by 6 months to play or board at Original Bark. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate dogs in poor or declining health. 

TO GET STARTED: Simply fill out our registration form, and then schedule your temperament evaluation through our customer portal by clicking “Make Reservation” after completing your registration. If you are unable/unwilling to register online, just give us a call.